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AIFBInstitute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods05.20
ECONInstitute of Economy01.85, 01.94, 01.96, 09.21, 20.21
EnTechnonInstitute for Entrepreneurship, Technology-Management and Innovation01.85
FBVInstitute for Finance09.21
IBUInstitute for Applied Business Studies and Management01.96, 05.20
IIPInstitute for Industrial Production06.33
IISMInstitute of Information Systems and Marketing01.80, 20.20, 20.21
IORInstitute of Operations Research01.87, 05.20, 09.21
KSRIKarlsruhe Service Research Institute05.20
ÖÖWChair of Sustainable Management of Housing and Real Estate20.20, 20.52
ZEAdministrative Offices05.20, 11.40