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Module handbooks summer term 2018

General information

The module handbook describes the modules and courses, their dependencies, their qualification and learning objectives as well as the type of success control. The workload of each module is characterized by the ECTS-points credited after successful completion of the module.
The module handbook does not replace the university calendar, which currently provides information on the variable course data (for example, time and location of the courses).

Detailed information on modules and examinations


Current additions to the module handbooks

Short-term changes in the study program which were not included in the module handbooks are shown below. These changes are also published in the announcements.

Course Module Information Date
Wi-Ing M.Sc. M-MACH-101276 Fertigungstechnik Änderung der LP des Moduls 16.10.2018
Wi-Ing B.Sc./M.Sc. M-MACH-101287 "Mikrosystemtechnik" Ergänzung des Moduls 15.10.2018
TVWL B.Sc. M-MACH-101299 "Maschinenkonstruktionslehre" Änderung der LP der Teilleistung "T-MACH-104739 "Maschinenkonstruktionslehre I und II für CIW"" 09.10.2018
Wi-Ing M.Sc., TVWL M.Sc., InWi B.Sc./M.Sc., WiMa M.Sc. Praktikum 2512551 "Security, Usability and Society" Ergänzung der Teilleistung 26.09.2018
Wi-Ing B.Sc., TVWL B.Sc. M-MACH-101270 "Product Lifecycle Management" Änderung der Modulerfolgskontrolle "Product Lifecycle Management auch weiterhin Pflicht im Modul" 17.09.2018

Module handbooks summer term 2018

Since winter term 2016/2017, a webbased version of the module handbook is available. The online handbook offers more comfort in browsing modules and courses and allows a smart switching between the english and german version. Try it out! 

Please note the latest information and changes to the study and examination achievements in the announcements.


Module handbooks
Industrial Engineering
and Management
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Economics Engineering Bachelor Deutsch PDF/Web English  PDF/Web
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Information Engineering
and Management
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Economathematics Master Deutsch PDF/Web  English PDF/Web