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International Relations Office

KIT-Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Lorene Dobrinoff, M.A.
International Relations

Kollegiengebäude am Kronenplatz, Kaiserstr. 89

Gebäude 05.20, Raum 3B 03

D-76133 Karlsruhe

Tel.: +49 721 608-48582
E-mail: international relationsHhy5∂wiwi kit edu

Yitong Ji
National University of Singapore
Industrial and System Engineering
People in Karlsruhe are very friendly and many people lent a helping hand to me during my stay here. Moreover, the weather in Karlsruhe is very nice and I love being able to travel to the Black Forest during the weekends.
Sophia Paul and Fajar Ausri
Purdue University (USA)
Industrial Engineering
KIT has one of the best industrial engineering courses in Germany. That, plus the relaxed and joyous atmosphere in the city makes it a great place for you to spend time abroad.
Snjólaug Heimisdóttir
University of Iceland
Industrial Engineering and Management
I wanted to go abroad, improve my German, meet new people and study at a great institute with a wide range of study programs. Therefore, KIT was the right choice.
Marcos Araújo Lewenkopf
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
KIT is a top university in Germany, with a great infrastructure and a gigantic Campus. [...] I like the atmosphere with a lot of international students in the city: you get in touch with a great amount of different cultures.
Oskar Qvist
Linköping University (Sweden)
Industrial Engineering and Management
As a Swede, I must mention the temperature and weather! Karlsruhe is a lot warmer and sunnier than I am used to back home. Also, the central location in Europe makes it ideal for traveling around.
Máté Mázsi
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)
Electricity and energy (focus on IEM courses at KIT)
At KIT students from all over the world, with their diverse and individual talents in different fields of life, come together to create something important. This is what makes my stay unforgettable.
Marit Mohr
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Industrial Engineering and Management
Karlsruhe is a student city. Besides KIT, there are several other universities and overall more than 40,000 students. The town has the perfect size: basically everything is reachable by bike.

FAQ for international students

We have collected the most frequently asked questions for incoming students at the KIT Department of Economics and Management here and are updating this list regularly. In case you cannot find the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us via email:
International RelationsUea6∂wiwi kit edu.


Who will sign my Learning Agreement?

Before starting your studies at KIT as an exchange student, you should fill out a learning agreement (official document listing the courses you are planning to take during your stay at KIT, as approved by your home university). At your host university (KIT) it will be checked and signed by the international relations coordinator of the department where you will be enrolled. Ideally, you are submitting your learning agreement to the KIT International Students Office together with your application documents. They will forward your learning agreement to our department. We will then contact you via email with feedback on your course choices. If no changes need to be made, we will send you a signed version via email (you can pick up the original after your arrival).

If you need to make changes to your initially signed learning agreement, or if you have not handed in a learning agreement with your application, you can contact us via email (International.Relations@wiwi.kit.edu): Please send us a PDF file with the proposed agreement / the proposed changes to the original agreement. We will contact you as soon as we have reviewed your agreement.

What should I know about exams?
  • Exams cover the contents of lectures and exercise courses/tutorials
  • Registration to exams is obligatory (cf. below)
  • Exams are usually written and take place after the lecture period: mid-February to mid-April (winter term) / mid-July to mid-October (summer term)
How can I register for exams?

As a student at KIT-Department of Economics and Management, you can register for the exams of all courses included in our module handbooks online. The Students Services Office (Studierendenservice) provides a video tutorial on online exam registration for exchange students.

If you want to write an exam which is NOT included in the department‘s module handbooks and online registration for that exam is not possible in your campus profile, you need to 1) ask for your professor‘s (written) permission to participate in the exam, 2) download and print the certificate of approval 3) show your LA + professor‘s permission to the Wiwi-examinations office (Prüfungssekretariat) to get a signature on the certificate of approval, 4) hand in the certificate of approval at the institute where the exam takes place.

After you have finished the exam and the evaluation has been finalized by your professor, the institute will forward the result of your exam to our department, where your grade will be finally uploaded to your ToR.

PLEASE NOTE: if you cannot attend an exam for which you have registered, you need to de-register before the exam takes place (cf. below).

Do I have to de-register from an exam, if I cannot attend it?
Yes, it is very important to de-register from an exam in time before the exam takes place, if I you are not going to attend it. You can de-register online up to three days before the exam takes place (if you have originally registered online) or by contacting the responsible institute offering the exam. The last option to de-register is to come to the exam in due time to tell the instructor that you wish to de-register before the exam starts (you will need to sign a form for this).
When will my exam grades be added to my Transcript of Records (ToR)?

The results of your exams will be released and added to your ToR right after they have been finalized by the responsible institutes (usually by the beginning of the following lecture period: May for exams of winter term / November for exams of summer term).

In most cases the reason for the long timeframe between exam date and grade upload is the official post-exam review appointment, which is mandatorily offered for each exam and which normally cannot take place during the semester break. If you wish to request an early release of the result of an exam on your ToR without the condition of an official post-exam review appointment, you can fill out this request-form and submit it at the institute that has offered your exam. Please note that handing in such a request can support, but not guarantee an early exam grade upload. The final decision is made by the examiners.

How are grades of ZAK, HoC or language courses and seminars added to my Transcript of Records (ToR)?
If you have taken ZAK, HoC or language courses and/or seminars, your graded certificate should be handed out to you by your instructor after the last session of the course. After making a copy or scan to keep for yourself, you hand in the certificate at the Students Services Office (Studierendenservice) for your grade and ECTS credits to be entered into the online system and thereby added to your ToR.
How do I get my Transcript of Records (ToR)?

You can access your ToR online until 6 months after your de-enrollment at KIT. Your ToR is automatically generated by a computer system and is valid without a signature (a verification key is included in the ToR).

All grades should be added to your ToR by the beginning of the following lecture period (May for exams of winter term / November for exams of summer term; cf. above).

In case your home-university requires a signed and stamped version of your ToR, please contact our registrar's office (Studierendenservice).